CASO VC10 Vacuum Sealer

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The CASO VAC10 Vacuum Sealer offers fully automatic vacuuming and sealing. Adjustable vacuum strength for more delicate foods.

  • Fully automatic vacuuming and sealing
  • Ideal for storing and maintaining the freshness of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit
  • Variable vacuum strength thanks to the vacuum stop button: Particularly suitable for pressure-sensitive foods
  • Practical, separate sealing function
  • Simple weld seam up to 30 cm wide (any bag length)
  • Electronic temperature monitoring
  • Compact design, low weight
  • Incl. 10 professional bags (20 x 30 cm) + 1 vacuum hose for vacuum container


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  1. We have had this model for a long time and really appreciate it. Easy to use and everything packed quickly and safely. We now regularly vacuum seal slightly more expensive foods. Thanks to the longer shelf life in the vacuum, we can enjoy them little by little. There is no longer any danger of our good food spoiling and having to be thrown away unused. We only use the original Caso films as they are particularly stable.

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