CASO HW 660 Turbo Hot Water Dispenser

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Rapidly heats water to your desired temperature, offering time and energy savings with customisable settings for various hot beverages.

  • Customisable Settings: Choose from a range of temperatures (40-100°C) and seven volume options (100-400ml) for versatile hot beverage preparation.
  • Time and Energy Savings: The dispenser saves water, time, and up to 50% more energy compared to traditional kettles, promoting eco-friendly usage.
  • User-Friendly Design: Touch controls, auto-lock function, and a removable 2.7 litre water tank enhance ease of use and convenience.
  • Water Quality Maintenance: A free water filter is included to prevent limescale build-up, ensuring clean and filtered water with each use.

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Water Filter Included

  • Improves water quality and taste
  • Reduces chlorine and pollutants
  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Increases the life of the device

Uses for the CASO Hot Water Dispenser

Uses for the CASO Hot Water Dispenser

Hot Beverages


Instant Noodles

Hot Water Bottle

Baby Food



What are the benefits of using an instant hot water dispenser?

  • Produces hot boiling water in seconds
  • Only heat the amount of water you need
  • Has many uses in the kitchen

Can an instant hot water dispenser replace a traditional kettle for heating water?

Yes, an instant hot water dispenser is a great alternative to traditional methods of heating water. It provides hot water instantly, saving time and energy compared to waiting for a kettle or stove to heat up.

How does the temperature control work on the dispenser?

The CASO instant hot water dispensers come with adjustable temperature controls. Users can set the desired temperature based on their preferences or the specific requirements of different recipes. Temperatures range from 40°C to 100°C.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg


Dimensions (W x H x D)

15.5cm x 31.5cm x 25.5cm


Stainless steel, black

Water Filter Included




Temperature (°C)

40 – 100


Sensor-Touch with LED Display

Water Tank Capacity (Litres)


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  1. Cindy Beresford (verified owner)

    Good company to buy from. I sent email with a couple of questions and was pleasantly surprised by the prompt reply from Jack.

    The water dispenser arrived next day as promised. It was well packaged and included all the info required to set up.

    I am so pleased I bought it . Love this machine. Looks great on the worktop and makes perfect tea.

  2. Spencer

    This hot water dispenser is very easy to use, very quick and its makes the perfect amount of hot water needed for either cup/mug.
    Also has a water filter – no more limescale like a kettle, and it looks good !

  3. At the beginning I was very sceptical because I couldn’t imagine that hot water would come so quickly, but now that it’s here in my home, I’m very impressed and wonder why I didn’t discover it sooner. The device conjures up hot water for tea or coffee in a flash. But a hot water bottle is also quick to make! Highly Recommended!

    (Review originally posted on

  4. Ideal for a cup of tea or smaller quantities, for which you would otherwise have to use a regular kettle. The device is lightning fast and thanks to the water filter the tea always tastes good!

    (Review originally posted on

  5. Great design. Great function. It is a pleasure to prepare a good cup of tea and we would not want to do without it.

    (Review originally posted on

  6. The device impresses not only with its great design, but above all with its functions!

    (Review originally posted on

  7. Kettle was yesterday! This innovative product from CASO is really fun. Select the desired temperature and the amount of water, press start and the hot water is in the glass in a matter of seconds. No waste of water and time. Just awesome.

    (Review originally posted on

  8. In just a few seconds you get the right amount of hot water. No more wasting water and time and the product looks so beautiful and is very easy to use. Mega!

    (Review originally posted on

  9. Whether it’s a quick cup of tea, instant soup after school, or hot water for another need, the device is used by all family members and is in constant use. Due to the beautiful design and compactness of the device, the kettle in the kitchen has long been replaced. The precise portioning of the amount of water and the precise preselection of the temperature make the device an indispensable companion in our home.

    (Review originally posted on

  10. At first I was skeptical about whether water could really be heated so quickly, but then I was proven wrong. Hot water comes out of the device within a few seconds. I wouldn’t want to be without this little helper and can recommend it with a clear conscience.

    (Review originally posted on

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