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Visionary technology. Timeless design. Sustainable concepts.

High speed technology: 100 degrees hot water within a few seconds

Saves up to 50% more energy compared to conventional electric kettles

Choose from a range of adjustable temperatures (40-100°C)

Removable water tank – Available in 2.7L, 2.9L and 4L

About CASO Design

CASO Design has been at the forefront of innovative kitchen technology since 2003 with the goal of creating kitchen appliances that are a pleasure to use. With modern technology, intuitive operation and beautiful design, we bring practicality and elegance to everyday life.

CASO Design is committed to designing and supplying high-quality products across several product categories:

Hot Water Dispensers – Packed with innovative features such as auto lock, water filter and removable water tank, the stylish and convenient hot water dispensers from CASO Design save you time, money and energy.

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Kitchen Scales – With a range of scales from battery-free devices charged by kinetic energy to large surface area scales or scales for precise measurement of small quantities, CASO Design has the perfect set of scales for your needs.

Vacuum Sealers – Keep your food fresh for up to 8 times longer with CASO Design vacuum sealers. Perfect for storing, marinating, freezing or microwaving, vacuum sealing helps your food retain flavour, vitamins and nutrients.

Microwaves (Coming Soon) – With a focus on efficiency and performance, the range of microwaves from CASO Design, feature innovations such as turntable-free design to allow for easier cleaning and more space for cooking.

Wine Coolers (Coming Soon) – Enjoyed by wine experts, the wine coolers from CASO Design help you to get the most of your wine by creating the optimal storage conditions for your bottles.

Ice Cube Makers (Coming Soon)- Easily create ice cubes in as little as 6 minutes with a choice of size. The ice cube makers from CASO Design, feature durable stainless steel casing, simple operation and the capacity to make 500g of ice in one hour.

Explore the world of CASO Design and elevate your kitchen experience with a stunning range of high-quality appliances!

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Be on the lookout for the exciting new CASO Design products

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